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The WatchWORD Video Bible

Cover of The WatchWORD Video Bible 10 DVD set

The WatchWORD Video Bible New Testament 10-DVD set. Easy to read Bible. Watch, read, and hear the words of Jesus spoken in English so you can easily understand what the Bible says. The WatchWORD Bible innovative video format makes reading scripture effortless. IT’S THE EASIEST WAY TO READ THE BIBLE. BUY NOW and get a second 10-DVD Set FREE!

The WATCHWORD BIBLE New Testament (10-DVD Set)
Don Wadsworth, Narrator

REG. $129.00     SnT Priced $59.99   Buy One – Get One FREF.

Beautiful video scenes engage and hold your attention. Large easy-to-read Bible text comes on and off the screen in perfect harmony with the narration. Music and sound effects help capture your heart. The Bible couldn’t be easier to read.

Also, the Contemporary English Version is perfect for video because it’s the only version translated to be easily understood when read aloud. The CEV simplifies difficult Bible terms and long complex sentences while remaining faithful to the meaning of the original text. It’s natural, everyday English that kids can readily understand.

Plus, this dynamic video format makes it easy to remember up to five times more scripture than reading a print alone. Research has shown that people remember only 10% of what they read in print. But, they remember up to 50% of what they see and hear at the same time. That’s five times more.

And hectic schedules often make it hard to find time and energy to read the Bible. Now, you can easily watch God’s word in the midst of a busy day. The convenient, short chapters can be watched anytime… while dressing… during exercise… meals… chores… family time… or resting at the end of a long day of work.

All these remarkable qualities make The WatchWORD Video Bible the most incredible, captivating Bible you’ve ever read! You’ll want to watch it over and over! More than a decade in the making, there’s never been another Bible like it.

Watch Sample Video Clips

Watch for yourself the world’s ultimate video Bible! The holy scriptures leap from 15th-century print to 21st-century electronic media. THE WATCHWORD BIBLE combines word for word text of the entire New Testament, stunning video from the Holy Land, dramatic narration, special sound effects and original music — all for a powerful spiritual experience. Watch it. Read it. Hear it all at once!

ACTS Chapter 1:


ROMANS Chapter 1:\



Your Purchase Will Help Proclaim God’s Word Around the World

When you purchase THE WATCHWORD BIBLE, you have the added satisfaction of knowing that your purchases help support the on-going production of THE WATCHWORD BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT into other major languages — so that God’s Word may reach millions of people around the world through this dynamic new medium. Your purchase also helps support the production of THE WATCHWORD BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT.

Our goal with THE WATCHWORD BIBLE is to multiply the reading of God’s Word by millions around the world — because God has promised that His Word shall not return to Him without accomplishing all that He has purposed! (Isaiah 55:11)


 Hear What People Say About The WatchWORD Bible:

“”Bravo! A magnificent job!”” — Ted Baehr, MOVIEGUIDE

“”I commend you for what you’ve done … It’s a marvelous production.”” — David Kirkpatrick, Former President of Walt Disney Studios & Paramount Pictures

“”So well produced … I use it when I exercise.”” — Michael Flaherty, Founder, Walden Media, Chronicles of Narnia

“”The words of scripture with great visuals! — George Barna, Author, and Researcher

“”A wonderful achievement!”” — Bill Bright, Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ International

“”This marvelous apocalyptic revelation will be a blessing to hosts of people.”” — Ted W. Engstrom, President Emeritus, World Vision

“”This is one of the best tools I’ve found in 35 years of ministry!”” — Dr. Milton Boyd, Director Florida Baptist Convention

“”The Watchword Bible is breathtaking. I feel like a little boy that has discovered gold!”” — Rev. Martin McGrail, Pastor, New Life Christian Church

“”This has revolutionized the devotional time with our kids! The words of the Bible come alive. My kids are glued to the TV. Our devotions are much more meaningful.”” — Lori Huffer, Wife, and mother

Save $30! Plus receive a FREE Book of Revelation DVD ($14.99 value)

You can purchase The WatchWORD Video Bible New Testament online for only $59.99 (that’s less than $6.00 per DVD!) plus receive Second WatchWORD Bible 10 DVD Set FREE by clicking the DVD set cover or call to order at 1 (863) 206-3173 The WatchWORD Video Bible will transform your Bible reading! Order your set today and treasure it the rest of your life.

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